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East Ardsley Primary Academy

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Final Offers Day 16th April 2020

Final offers for places in our Reception Class for September 2020 will be made on 16th April 2020.  When you have been offered a place you need to contact school to confirm your acceptance or to let us know if you do not want the place any longer so that we can offer it to a child on our waiting list.  You can  email school on or phone on 0113 8879023 between 8.45am and 3.30pm every weekday.

If you are not happy with the school you have been offered you can ask to be added to the waiting list for any Leeds school (including schools you haven’t previously asked for)  and can appeal against the refusal of a place at a preferenced school. Waiting list forms and appeal forms are available at  

You do not need to take any action on offer day, as you have until 30th  April 2020 to submit a waiting list request and 15th  May 2020 to submit an appeal request.  Due to coronavirus (COVID-19), appeal hearings are currently on hold until we receive further guidance from the Department for Education.

 Please be aware that if you want to refuse your offer:

  • it will be allocated to another child and Leeds Admissions cannot guarantee a place will become available at a closer school to home – you could be left without a Reception place in September;
  • accepting an offer doesn’t impact the chances of being offered a place from the waiting list or increase the chances of success at an appeal hearing;
  • you must confirm this in writing to and will be asked to confirm where you will be educating your child in September. 

Download a copy of our Welcome to our Reception Booklet here

Admissions to Reception Class, September 2021

The application process for a Reception place for September 2021 for children born between 1 September 2015 and 31 August 2016 is open on the 1st November for applications. East Ardsley Primary Academy has an admission limit of 60 places.  Children start in full-time education at the beginning of the year in which they are 5.  If you live in Leeds and your child is due to start school in September 2021 you can apply online by visiting 

To apply online you must live in Leeds and have an email address.

Alternatively, you can request a paper form and information booklet from:

The Admissions Team

Children's Services

Floor 10 West

Merrion House

110 Merrion Centre

Leeds LS2 8DT

Telephone 0113 222 4414

The deadline for applications to be received at The Admissions Team is  15th January 2021

Parents/carers will be advised of offers on 16 April 2021

Please click here to view the school's admissions policy.

In-Year Admissions

Parents/carers wanting to apply for an In-Year Admission are asked to contact us directly to apply for a school place. Parents/carers are required to complete an In Year Common Preference Form (ICPF).  When you contact us Mrs Paver will explain the process and provide you with all the necessary paperwork.


Nursery Admissions

Our Nursery Admissions Policy gives full information about our School Nursery Unit and the admissions ciriteria for applications.  Please click here to view the Admissions Policy.

Application forms for the Nursery can be downloaded by clicking here or can be requested from school by contacting the office on 0113 8879023