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East Ardsley Primary Academy

A member of Leodis Academies Trust

End of Year 6


  • Compare and order numbers up to 10,000,000 · Round any whole number to a required degree of accuracy
  • Use negative numbers in context · Solve number and practical problems that involve all of the above Multiply and divide a 4-digit by 2-digit number using a formal written method · Identify common factors, common multiples and prime numbers
  • Solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, deciding which operations and methods to use and why
  • Add and subtract fractions with different denominators and mixed numbers
  • Multiply simple pairs of proper fractions, writing the answer in the simplest form · Divide proper fractions by whole numbers
  • Multiply 1-digit numbers with up to two decimal places by whole numbers
  • Calculate % of whole number
  • Use simple formulae
  • Express missing number problems algebraically
  • Calculate the area of parallelograms and triangles


  • Refers to text to support opinions and predictions.
  • Gives a view about choice of vocabulary, structure etc.
  • Distinguish between fact and opinion.
  • Appreciates how a set of sentences has been arranged to create maximum effect.
  • Recognise complex sentences.
  • Skims and scans to aide note-taking.


  • Use subordinate clauses to write complex sentences.
  • Use passive voice where appropriate.
  • Use expanded noun phrases to convey complicated information concisely (e.g. The fact that it was raining meant the end of sports day).
  • Evidence of sentence structure and layout matched to requirements of text type.
  • Semi-colon, colon, dash to mark the boundary between independent clauses.
  • Correct punctuation of bullet points.
  • Hyphens to avoid ambiguity.
  • Full range of punctuation matched to requirements of text type.
  • Wide range of devices to build cohesion within and across paragraphs.
  • Use paragraphs to signal change in time, scene, action, mood or person.
  • Legible, fluent and personal style.