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East Ardsley Primary Academy

A member of Leodis Academies Trust


At East Ardsley, we encourage children to develop their skills by working with them on their speaking and listening, reading and writing. We also want our children to read for pleasure and we ask you to help us by reading with them every day. If you need help with this, please ask your child's teacher who can show you.

We use variety of subjects and plan and teach them in a "cross curricular way". This means that we use geography, history and even books and stories to helps teach skills such as reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Year 1 English plan

Year 2 English plan

Year 3 English plan

Year 4 English plan

Year 5 English plan

Year 6 English plan

We use Floppy's Phonics for the teaching of phonics which leads to early reading and writing skills. We also use Floppy's Phonics for our early reading scheme until children are confident readers.  Click here to find out more about our phonics approach

At this point they transfer onto Accelerated Reader which enables them to read 'real' books which have been banded according to reading ability.  After reading each book the children take a quiz to test their knowledge and understanding of the content. Click here to find out more about Accelerated Reader.

As they become more confident readers the children have Reading Journals to help them reflect on the books they are reading and to develop an understanding of why they like certain authors and to explore how language is used to entice us to read more.  These include questions to support you in helping your children to develop their comprehension skills.  Click here to see those questions.

Find out more about why we teach reading in the way we do by clicking here.


We have a fantastic library which is used all the time by the children to ensure they develop a love of reading and books.  This is encouraged by all the staff who read to the children every day.

We use Talk for Writing to support the teaching of writing in school. The children learn text by heart to encourage them to understand how good writing is structured. You can find out more about this process by clicking on this link.

We use our own scheme for the teaching of SPaG, ensuring the children all learn how to use grammar and punctuation to structure and enhance their writing.  We also focus on spelling and handwriting to give maximise the quality of the children's writing.  Click here to see the programme we have devised for teaching SPaG.