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East Ardsley Primary Academy

A member of Leodis Academies Trust


We use a mixture of teacher assessment and testing to establish where each child is in relation to Age Related Expectations.  We track the attainment and progress of the children carefully across the year and use focused interventions to address any gaps that are identified in the children's learning. 

Early Years Foundation Stage

Children in the EYFS are assessed against the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile. 

At the end of Reception we assess each child as emerging, expected or exceeding the  Early Learning Goal in each area.  Children who attain expected or exceeding in the prime areas and reading, writing and number have achieved Early Learning Goal.

Assessment in EYFS is gathered through observations of learners, samples of learning, photographs and conversations which demonstrate the child’s understanding of a given concept.

YEARS 1, 3, 4, 5

Children in Years 1, 3, 4 and 5 are assessed against the national curriculum age related expectations.

Your child will be assessed as working below, within or secured age related expectations.  Where a child is assessed as secure or extending they are meeting age related expectations.

Teachers focus on any gaps identified in the children's learning to ensure they are able to meet age related expectations over time.

Staff differentiate all activities to ensure that all learners’ needs are met.


Your child will be undertaking SATs assessments in Reading, Writing, SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar), and Mathematics.  These assessments will reflect the national curriculum content and will be marked against a standardised score.  A score of 100+ is considered to meet age related expectations

In Year 2 the assessment papers are used to support teacher assessment and marked in school.

In Year 6 these take a test format for Reading, SPAG and Mathematics.  The papers are marked externally.  Writing is assessed by the teacher across the year.


We work within school, with other schools and with external moderators to make sure we are confident in our teacher assessment.