Main Street, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF3 2BA

0113 8879023

East Ardsley Primary Academy

A member of Leodis Academies Trust


Ms S Talbot -Principal

Mrs E Mullen- Assistant Principal

Mrs C Lynch - Assistant Principal  (SENDCo)


Mrs J Wigglesworth - Early Years Phase Leader and                                                           Nursery Teacher

Mrs H Crisp - F2A (Reception) Teacher

Miss J Edward - F2B (Reception) Teacher


Miss T Holdsworth -Class 1 (Y1) Teacher and Key Stage                                                                        1 Phase Leader


Mrs E Brown- Class 2  (Y1) Teacher

Miss E Hawley - Class 3 (Y2) Teacher 

Miss R Lidgate - Class 4 (Y2) Teacher


Mrs A Trickett (Part-Time) - Class 5 (Y3) Teacher

Mrs M Smith (Part- Time)- Class 5 (Y3) Teacher 

Mrs L Walker -  (Part-Time) - Class 6 (Y3) Teacher and Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader

Mrs N Wailes - (Part-Time) - Class 6 (Y3) Teacher

Miss R Oliver - Class 7 (Y4)Teacher

Miss N Fisher- Class 8 (Y4) Teacher 

Mrs K Stuart - (Part-Time) - Class 8 (Y4) Teacher

Mrs L Keenan - (Part-Time) - Class 8 (Y4) Teacher

Mr J Quinn- Class 9 (Y5) Teacher 

Miss K Mallinson -  Class 10 (Y5) Teacher

Miss H Matthews- Class 11 (Y6) Teacher and Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader

Miss E Meadows - Class 12 (Y6) Teacher