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East Ardsley Primary Academy

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Right to withdraw

At East Ardsley Primary Academy we are proactive in addressing issues that some parents/carers may worry their child is not ready for or may not understand.  We follow the Leeds Local Authority RE and PSHE recommended schemes that have been planned to address sensitive issues such as death, sex education, and conflicting religious beliefs in an age appropriate way.

At times it may seem as if your child is being exposed to things you would rather they do not know about; however it is our experience that children need to be educated to understand how to keep themselves and others safe.

As a parent/carer you have the right to withdraw your child from Assemblies and RE lessons and also from our specific Sex Education modules delivered by the Schools' Nursing Service to children in Year 5.  You do not, however, have the right to withdraw your child from any other aspects of the PSHE curriculum which cover relationships, or from the science curriculum which covers reproduction.

If you are in anyway concerned about the things your child is learning about please get in touch with your child's teacher in the first instance. S/he will be able to describe what is being covered and to explain how it is being taught. 

If you wish to withdraw your child from Assemblies and RE please put your request in writing to the Principal, Ms Talbot.

You will be sent a permission slip prior to the Sex Education module delivered in Year 5 and can request your child be withdrawn from this at this time.

East Ardsley Primary Sex and Relationship Education Policy