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East Ardsley Primary Academy

A member of Leodis Academies Trust

How are the school’s resources/funding allocated and matched to children’s needs?

The School has a notional budget for SEND, allocated based on a formula applied by the Leeds LA.  It is the responsibility of the Head Teacher to allocate the budget according to the needs of the children in school each year.

If a child has more complex needs, the school can apply for additional funding (Funding for Inclusion) at certain points throughout the child’s schooling.  The criteria for the allocation of additional funding is set by the Local Education Authority FFI team.  The SENCO will meet with parents to discuss applications for this funding when it is deemed necessary.  If awarded, the funding is spent to support the needs of the individual child. Quite often this is achieved through the employment of a member of staff to support the child in and out of the classroom.

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