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East Ardsley Primary Academy

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Mathematics is an essential part of everyday life. Here at East Ardsley Primary Academy we aim for children to develop a positive attitude to mathematics. It is an interesting and enjoyable subject in its own right and across the curriculum.

Mathematics is fundamentally a practical subject and therefore we develop the children's knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of mathematics through practical activity, exploration and discussion.

Throughout the school, we teach using the 'Big Maths' scheme which provides a structured progression in teaching maths skills. As part of this scheme, each class has daily CLIC sessions which involve regular practise of:

  • Counting (e.g. in 2s, 5s)
  • Learn Its (e.g. X tables)
  • It's Nothing New (applying known facts to other contexts)
  • Calculations (+, -, ÷, x)

The children also complete quick tests to challenge them to remember these things quickly. These tests start at the end of Reception.

Click here to view short videos from Pudsey Primrose Hill School, of the calculation methods we teach.