School Closure Days, 18 July and 2 September

Leeds City Council has approved an additional 2 closure days for the school on Friday, 18 July and Tuesday, 2 September to facilitate the building/remodelling works that will be taking place over the summer holidays.  Parents and carers are asked to note that the school will be closed to pupils on these days.



Class 9 are now 5th place in the top 50 classes in the UK and 10th place in the top 50 classes in the World for Mathletics-Amazing!! Adam B has made it to 52nd of the top 100 students in the UK! Well done Class 9!

East Ardsley Primary @East_Ardsley

15 Jul We're hoping for an England win today in the EAPS KS2 World Cup! #football #summeractivities

6 Jun The sun is shining for LKS2's trip to Ponderosa today. Have fun everybody!

25 May There's a new blog to see! We have had over 300 views. #blogging #Charity

25 May Class 9 and staff at EAPS all wore purple clothes on Friday to raise money for epilepsy charities. Well done!

25 May @ScotCunniYCB Thank you for an amazing day of cricket in the sunshine from all at EAPS!