Welcome to East Ardsley Primary Academy

East Ardsley Primary @East_Ardsley

10 Oct Thank you to everyone who attended our maths curriculum evening. To access the the resources, please click here: https://t.co/vHhetMDXqh

7 Oct New photographs from Robinwood have been uploaded on to the webpage. Enjoy! https://t.co/dVGQ5suDTH

6 Oct Good morning from everyone at Robinwood. The children have slept well and are raring to go. #Robinwood #Year6 https://t.co/kN9lNnFAuC

5 Oct For anyone trying to access the Robinwood page on the website, please hover over the 'Home' button and you'll find the link to Robinwood. 😊

5 Oct We've arrived at @RealRobinwood and the first activity is done! https://t.co/7sMxUZCDrT