Year 6 have had an absolutely amazing time at Robinwood. They tried their best at every activity and demonstrated their growth mindset when they felt challenged by the obstacles in front of them.

Just before they went to bed last night . . . We have no idea why the video is squashed!


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Hannah Myers(less than a year ago)

I had an amazing time at RobinWood! The staff were really helpful, so were the teachers. We all got along and had a really good time. :D

connor ryan(less than a year ago)

i loved it i had so much fun

Mrs Trickett(less than a year ago)

Wow! You guys look like you had an amazing time, great pictures.

Grace Dwyer(less than a year ago)

Thanks for one of the best times of my life in Ridge group. Thanks Lucy,Chloe,Ashling and Natasha, it was great in the dorm. The best thing was the giant swing.

Lexi Morton(less than a year ago)

Thanks for robin woods Miss Speight Mrs Loy Mrs Fletcher and Mr Harvey enjoyed it,all and wish there were millions of hours in a day

Kathleen brook(less than a year ago)

well done chloe mum really proud of you I have seen all the photos of you looking forward to seeing you soon love mum xx

Karen Contrino(less than a year ago)

It looks like you're all having a fabulous time! Enjoy the last day, we can't wait to see you Lucy x

Linzi mallon(less than a year ago)

Wow looks like u are all having a fab time

Helen crisp(less than a year ago)

Looks as if your all having a good time see you tomorrow

michelle dwyer(less than a year ago)

We hope you are enjoying it so far,it looks great!Can't wait to see the photos of your group in the water soon.See you tomorrow.Love Mum and Dad.

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