Assessing Without Levels

As many of you will be aware the DfE have removed assessing with levels for children in primary schools. SATs will continue to take place at the end of Year 2 and 6, but the expectations and content of these assessments will change.

Early Years Foundation Stage Unit (EYFS)

Children in the EYFS will continue to be assessed against the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP for short). This consists of Ages and Stages criteria for nursery learners moving into Early Learning Goals for Reception aged learners.

At the end of Reception these are reported as EmergingExpected or Exceeding the Early Learning Goals in each area.  Evidence is gathered across the year to create ‘Learning Journeys’ for all children in EYFS and we value all contributions from parents and carers to these documents.

Assessment in EYFS is gathered through observations of learners, samples of learning, photographs and conversations which demonstrate the child’s understanding of a given concept.

YEARS 1, 3, 4, 5

From September this year, children in years 1, 3, 4 and 5 will no longer be assessed against the national curriculum levels that parents and carers will have been familiar with.

In line with the New National Curriculum and raised expectations, children will be assessed against Year End Expectations.  We can no longer measure progress against previous years as we are no longer assessing against the same criteria.

The ‘Year End Expectations’ have been taken from the New National Curriculum and state the minimum requirements a learner must meet in order to ensure continued progress throughout the year in line with age expected standards. Your child will be assessed as working below, emerging, developing or securing age related expectations.  Children will no longer be assessed as exceeding age related expectations as the focus will be on embedding their skills and learning at this point.

A copy of the ‘Year End Expectations’ for Reading, Writing, and Maths for the year group your child is in will be given to you by your child’s teacher.

Any gaps identified in learning for the children due to the increased expectations will be covered and staff have worked together to ensure that the coverage for children is in place.

Staff continue to differentiate all activities to ensure that all learners’ needs are met.


 Your child will be undertaking SATs assessments in Reading, Writing, SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar), and Mathematics.  These assessments will reflect the New National Curriculum content and will be marked against a standardised score, rather than broad levels.

Year 2 will use the papers to support teacher assessment; whereas in Year 6 these will continue to take a test format.  The timings and dates of these assessments will continue as in past years.  There are no longer Level 6 papers as the rise in expectations have taken account of this in the tests.