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Maths Homework

Your homework this week is find examples of your 3 times table in a real life situation. Please take a picture of the number and send it to uks2@eastardsley.org.uk

Year 6 Revision

Here are some links and activities that you may find useful when revising for your SATs tests. Year 5, you can also use these to get ahead! :-P

KS2 Bitesize - Maths

Mental Maths and Word Problems

SATs Papers

Woodlands Maths Zone



Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Do you know all of your times tables?


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Joe Giles 11/5/15(a couple of years ago)

I did the caterpillar homework and some of the over games on the website, I also did all of the revision links underneath. in my personal opinion they were too easy please can you do some thing a lot more difficult. also I went on of the hooda math and did half an hour on mathiletics it was lots of fun. one of the links didn't work I don't know which one though it only came up with a little box with a cross in it and said this page is unavailable.

Gracie(a couple of years ago)

I did one of the year 5 math tests level a on the first go I got 8/10 and on the second try I got 10/10.

katie davenport(a couple of years ago)

I love these games they are awesome. I learnt a lot. thanks

Ellie H(a couple of years ago)

I have done extra maths homework

Beth M-W(a couple of years ago)

The maths homework was quite easy I got them all right.

Amber Shales(a couple of years ago)

I had 1 or 1 games I got 1 or 2 questions wrong or more I don't know and the rest I thought was quite easy the 2 games I played I played a bit from each game.

Leah Somerville(a couple of years ago)

I have done my homework, I found it far too easy and need more of a challenge.

mya haigh(a couple of years ago)

this is a bit easy but fun.

Samaira(a couple of years ago)

Miss speight I tried to get on the caterpillar game but it didn't work it was just blank I waited for ten minutes but it still didn't work sorry