Welcome to Class 5

Teacher:  Miss Haselden


People who work with us: Mrs Pattison, Mrs Mallinder and Mrs Oyston.


Class Information:


  • Class 5's PE days:

    Indoor PE: Monday

    Outdoor PE: Friday



  • Our spelling test is on a Friday and we get new spellings on the same day.
  • On a Thursday we get maths homework from our maths groups. This is due for the following Wednesday.
  • Occasionally we get homework related to Topic lessons.
  • We try to read with an adult three times a week and record it in our Reading Records.
  • We try to go on Bug Club regularly.
  • We try to go on Mathletics regularly.



Spring 2 - At the beginning of the term we were finishing off our work on persuasion thinking of ways to convince people to visit the brilliant cities of Leeds and Wakefield!

Now, we are writing our own narrative stories based on a film called Twit-Twit. We have really challenged ourselves over the last couple of weeks to use direct speech and are now using this in our stories. Head over to Pobble in the next couple of weeks to see examples of what we have been getting up to!

At the beginning of last term we had our annual book week where we looked at the book Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne. Here are some pictures of us hard at work.


This term we have been looking at Leeds and where we fit into the world. We have done lots of map work and have done some art work on perspective and drawing buildings. At the start of this half term we spent the week using these skills to create watercolour pictures of buildings around Leeds.

We have moved onto looking at a country in another part of the world and after an investigative lesson we discovered that this country is the U.S.A. We are excited to learn lots about America over the coming weeks. Come back later to find out what we have learnt.


Since the New Year we have been thinking about living things in Science. First of all, we thought about different animals and their habitats. We spent a muddy Friday afternoon in the Forest School looking for creatures in their habitats.


This half term we have begun to look at plants. We have thought about the different conditions needed to grow plants and have been growing some of our own cress around the classroom. More recently we looked at the parts of plant and used real plants to investigate our ideas.

Problem Solving

Problem Solving is something new that we have started since Christmas. Every Thursday afternoon we look at different maths based problems and think about how we can build up our skills to solve these tricky problems. We also discuss how we can use these new skills to overcome tricky work in other lessons and outside school. See below for some of the problems we have looked at.


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Jayne Grover(about a year ago)

Lovely to see the children working hard and enjoying learning.

Claire Smith(about a year ago)

Great to find out what topics are being covered. Lovely to see photos of the trips out.

Jayne Grover(about a year ago)

It is great to find out what the children are learning at school and how we could help at home. Could we see some photos/ videos so that the children can show off their hard work? Thanks.

Bluebell Makudza(a couple of years ago)

Practice lots and lots

Ruby Blenkin(a couple of years ago)

loved that day i wish i could do it again

clscaidkdc(a couple of years ago)

i like the web page

ellie-maaic(a couple of years ago)

i enjyed armley mill's musiam.

Abbie(a couple of years ago)

The pictures remind me of JUNGLE BOOK!!!

ellie mai(a couple of years ago)

I had a good time walking round the village mrs shaw Thank You

BEN CHESS CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(a couple of years ago)

Hope you had a adzilorating time during your walk around the village and some fun in class too . Sorry if words are spelt incorectly.